Escolinha Portuguesa

Portuguese culture for the youngest

The youngest members of the Portuguese community in Czech enjoyed their last classes of winter semester in the Escolinha Portuguesa em Praga and Portucalio was there as well.

Pedro unveiling the story behind each month

Since 2012, Escolinha Portuguesa em Praga has been the the stage for “todos os pequeninos”. The little ones can now make a quick trip to a Portuguese kinder garden and romp with Portuguese speaking friends every Saturday!

Parents and children with Portuguese heritage

Escolinha Portuguesa is a place, where children between ages of 2 – 10 years, can have fun while staying in touch with their Portuguese heritage. Classes also focus on psycho-motor development, as well as community integration. For example in the last semester children learned and celebrated St. Martin’s Day an other traditional celebrations; had the chance to play with musical instruments; and much more :)

Awards for all children