Portuguese culture week in Hradec

Portuguese culture week in Hradec Králové

Join us at the opening of Portuguese culture week in Hradec Králové!

Come to see Camões house band and take with you a piece of Portugal. Portucalio calendar will be available during the whole week at a special price just for this occasion.

Sep 17


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The Portuguese week is on! Thanks to Deputy Mayor Anna Maclová of the city Hradec Kralové; Občanské poradenské středisko - ClubCafé Pessoa, the main organizer; Portuguese Embassy represented by Ambassador Manuela Franco and CLP (Instituto Camões em Praga) represented by Director Guilherme Silva.

  • Hradec’s Deputy Mayor: Anna Maclová Top
  • Embaixadora de Portugal: Manuela Franco Right
  • Director of CLP in Prague: Guilherme da Silva Figueiredo Left Hradec's Deputy Mayor: Ing. Anna Maclová at the top; Embaixadora de Portugal: Manuela Franco at the right; Director do CLP: Guilherme da Silva Figueiredo at the left

The opening started with Portuguese food, wine and of course Portucalio calendar :) and we were there. We talked and discussed common “saudades” and interests from Portugal while satisfying the curiosities of many who passed about Portucalio.

The event was celebrated with a romantic speech about Portuguese history and Portuguese poets by Ambassador Manuela Franco and we couldn’t ask for a better ending than the one and only Camões House Band. It was perfect!

Camões House Band

Portucalio calendar

Here is the full program by Občanské poradenské středisko - ClubCafé Pessoa, by clicking on the picture you will be redirected to their website. Or download the PDF.

Portuguese culture week program

Sep 18

Portuguese Tiles, Talk and Fado

Exhibit "There isn’t a tile as other tile" by Ilona Machová

There isn’t a tile as other tile

Yesterday the citizens of Hradec had the opportunity to learn more about “Azulejo” - Portuguese Tiles- with the exhibit “There isn’t a tile as other tile” by Ilona Machová at Club Café Pessoa.

Two great weeks in Portugal

At 18:00 Stanislav Krejčí shared his experience on traveling in Portugal, and how exciting a simple trip from Porto to Lisbon and back can turn out to be. Sightseeing, countryside and vineyards were some of the most discussed topics, tasting of Portuguese cuisine was a delicious plus.

Loucas no Fado

In the evening “Loucas no Fado” - Kristýna K. and Zdeňka M. - brought with them a tradicional music genre from Portugal: Fado. This performance genre incorporates music and poetry widely practiced by various communities in Lisbon. It has been added to the UNESCO’s list of World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Sep 19

Portuguese sailors, Açores and Films

The Cantino planisphere, made by an anonymous cartographer in 1502, shows the world as it was understood by Europeans after their great explorations at the end of the fifteenth century.

In the footsteps of Portuguese sailors

At 4 pm you could go on a trip with Jan Hlouška and with him travel in the footsteps of Portuguese sailors. The talk was sweetened by tasting the Azorean tea.

Legacy of Portuguese discoveries and Czech cooperation

Doc. Jan Klíma gave a brief overview of Portuguese expansion into the world. CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Countries) language family and the current Czech-lusophone contacts were some of the other topics discussed.

Film Operation Autumn

Exciting reconstruction of the political scandal about general Humberto Delgado’s brutal assassination by the Portuguese fascist police in 1965. (Director: Bruno de Almeida, 2012)

Film Mama Brasil (Loveling)

The most common story about parents and children. Irene, the mother of 4 children, has only a few days to surpass her anxiety and discover a new strength before her eldest son, who got a great job offer in the other side of the world, leaves. (Director: Gustavo Pizzia, 2018)

Sep 20

Board games, Madeira and “Jorge” Listopad

Playfull afternoon

The Thursday afternoon was devoted to parents and children, where they could learn and play with the original Portuguese board game. Everybody tested its knowledge about Portugal and other skills in a fun way.

Madeira, the island of eternal springtime

Peter Sobotka’s lecture was an interesting view of the island’s history and its current state. Madeira’s strategic geolocation as a tourist destination was also presented in-depth. The lecture ended with a variety of sea specialties from the Portuguese lands for everyone to taste.

Poetic memorial of František Listopad

Regarded as an expert on Central European thought and cultural output, František Listopad, was celebrated in the Poetic memorial organized by Zuzana Hloušková. Visitors could learn more about the life and legacy of this significant author with numerous volumes of poems and stories published and awarded multiple times, including the state award of merit for Portugal and Portuguese culture.

Sep 21

Coffee, “Pastel de nata” and South America

The winner of the most delicious Pastel de nata

To commemorate the ending of this year’s week of Portuguese culture in Hradec, participants had the opportunity to bake their own “pastel de nata” (one of the most delicious Portuguese treasures). Participants, now bakers, could measure their baking skills in a competition, where the best pastel de nata wins Portuguese souvenirs. To top that off coffee from Brazil, Angola, and Timor was excellently served.

Beaches and slums

The club “Afternoon tea” once again held its session as they regularly do but this time about South America and its complexity, lectured by Josef Potoček.